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About Us

eBuildingSupplies is an internet based trading platform, connecting buyers and sellers of a wide range of building, timber, heating, and landscape products and materials. The company is part owned by United Merchants plc (Unimer). eBuildingSupplies undertakes internet marketing activity to attract buyers of a wide range of building materials to its website.

On average, eBuildingSupplies adverts are displayed over 1 million times a month or about once every 4 seconds. Having read our adverts, about 35,000 people each month ‘choose’ to click on them to visit our site. Once on the site, visitors are presented with over 10,000 products to browse in over 1,000 categories, many of which benefit from pictures and descriptions. All products are priced. The prices displayed to visitors are managed by builders’ merchants, referred to as ‘Partners’, as well as a number of other sources of price information. Customers can then choose to purchase, request a quote, send an enquiry or telephone a merchant. Payment is taken online or by the merchant in traditional ways.